Molzana Join Cohaesus Group

Molzana join Cohaesus to become the group’s dedicated data, analytics and SEO agency

Effective yesterday (9th December 2021) Molzana have been acquired by Cohaesus Group. Coheasus are a technology group with a background in software development and technology. 

Molzana will join the group as a dedicated Data, Analytics and SEO agency and will operate out of our existing London & Manchester offices.

Matt Nixon will become Managing Director of Molzana, overseeing our continued growth and development. Our existing team will also remain.

“Joining Cohaesus is exciting and gives Molzana a tremendous opportunity to better service our clients through growth in expertise, scalability and a stronger service offering. Since starting up in 2018, Molzana aimed to become a world class data and analytics agency, moving into the Cohaesus brand will help us realise this ambition.”

Matthew Nixon, Managing Director, Molzana

Dan Howell will be heading up our new SEO offering based in Manchester, which we are excited about as firstly Dan is great, and secondly SEO is a great opportunity to complement our existing, data-led work.

We are now looking to grow our team across the board so that we can provide high-quality data solutions to our existing client base and become even smarter and sharper than ever before.

Outside of Molzana, we now have access wealth of expertise across a range of technical disciplines within the group, which is exciting too!

Without our client and agency partners, we would not find ourselves in the position we do today, for that we are forever grateful that they chose to work with us and continue to do so.

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