Web Analytics

Let’s turn your Web Analytics data into insight. Our certified web analytics team have vast expertise across Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics and Webtrends. We work with clients on accessing and utilising the rich data offered from these platforms to improve your website experience.

Our wealth of analytics experience allows us to offer critical insights into your website, marketing and customer behaviour. Turning simple data into actionable insights that can help improve your campaigns, increase user satisfaction and grow your business.

Molzana’s Web Analytics Team

Our team of skilled, certified analytics experts have diverse experience and a passion for providing world-class service on briefs of all kinds, for companies and agencies of all shapes and sizes. Better yet, our team speak your language, avoiding the buzzword-soaked labyrinth of complicated jargon and delivering simple, easy-to-understand solutions.

Offering a range of services, from technical configuration and best practise guidelines to letting you know how well your website is performing and how your users interact with you, Molzana can do it all.

Our Specialisms

  • Analysis and Insights of website performance, user journey and marketing effectiveness.
  • Web analytics installation and configuration.
  • Website performance reporting and dashboards.
  • Marketing performance reporting and dashboards.
  • Expanding web analytics capability by collecting additional data.
  • Analytics audits on Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics and Webtrends accounts.
  • Best practice guidance.

Analysis & Insights

Deriving insights from Web Analytics packages such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics can be confusing and cumbersome. Our analysts are highly experienced in pulling out and presenting insights into customer behavior, user journeys and website performance.

Gaining insights from Web Analytics packages such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, our team can collate data, produce insights and make recommendations on how to improve your website, paid advertising, marketing campaigns and services.

Website Optimisation & Usability

Websites need to be built with their users in mind. Easy to navigate, enjoyable to read and understand with clear, concise language, valuable content and simple, transparent, secure checkout procedures.

From cart abandonment, Adwords spends and user profiles to sales funnels and ease-of-use, we can help to improve your website based on what your customers want.

We recently helped a top brand understand their audience and digital customer base and when they were likely to book an appointment in store. We reduced their AdWords Re-targeting spend and delivered 3x more appointment bookings. One of our talented web analytics team can chat on the phone, drop you an email or meet you in person to discuss – drop us a note to set this up.


“I’m really looking forward to compiling an Excel report today.” Said no one ever (and that includes analysts!).

Excel reports are boring, time-consuming and often difficult to read, which is why offer a neat, automated way to display key data and insights. Our dashboards allow you to view key information about your website and campaigns all in one place. With sharp, personalised visuals and easy-to-understand data, the Molzana dashboard gives you everything you need without any of the hassle.

We’ve built amazing dashboards, see some of the dashboards we’ve created by contacting a member of the team.


Our experienced team of professionals are poised to produce periodical reports on a range of metrics. Giving you insights and commentary into how well your campaigns and website are performing, and what could be done to improve them.

Deliver key metrics, on time and in a way your stakeholders can understand with Molzana. Get in touch to find out more about our reporting services.

Installation & Capturing Data

Ensure high-quality data and create useful, detailed insights with our installation and data capture services. We can install website analytics packages and set up personalised data capture to track when your user’s complete a certain task, such as click on a button, download a file or watch a video.

Keep tabs on what works best and allow us to recommend improvements based on existing metrics.

Heard enough? Talk to Molzana’s web analysts..

Molzana’s web analytics team can talk through your requirements in more detail. Fill in our form, or call us directly on +44 0871 245 8672

Web Analytics

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