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Why has Salesforce bought Tableau?

Salesforce bought Tableau for a whopping $15.7 billion to up its enterprise analytics game. After clambering to acquire a major tech player following their unsuccessful attempt to bag LinkedIn in 2016

Why has Google bought Looker?

What could have led Google to buy Looker and what can come out of this deal?

What is Google Analytics?

In a nutshell, Google Analytics allows business owners and/or managers to track a large number of statistical parameters describing their online traffic and evaluating success of their marketing campaigns.

What is Google Data Studio?

In a time when everyone is searching for better, faster and more intuitive ways to crunch data and reveal hidden trends, adopting new tools as they become available is imperative.

What is Google Tag Manager?

n the digital era, access to accurate information is worth more than money, and smart companies are using specialised products to improve their marketing intelligence.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a versatile software product that can be used to track data from many sources in a strategic…

What is Web Analytics?

As online communications become more complex and businesses lean on data more than ever before, merely being present on the web is not enough for a competitive advantage anymore.

How To Create a Data Strategy

Most businesses and organisations use objective data to evaluate their performance and make crucial decisions, but a majority does…

What Is A Marketing Tag?

Due to rapid development of the digital marketing landscape and growing emphasis on analytics, marketing professionals and business owners require more data from their users in order to improve website and marketing performance.

Why Digital Marketing Dashboards Are Useful?

A dashboard is a group of charts that display important information in regards to your business. Like a dashboard in your car, a digital dashboard can provide a top level overview of your key data points. Designed to be an summary rather than a ‘silver bullet’, an automated dashboard cuts the time to investigation and insight whilst taking emphasis off manual reporting.

How is Google Analytics useful for Marketers?

Google Analytics primarily tracks hundreds of metrics and dimensions related to every piece of content on your website. Google Analytics, or GA for short, can quickly identify which pages perform in terms of acquiring, engaging and converting your website’s visitors.

3 Reasons to Automate Your Reports

Everyone hates reporting, even analysts. It is, however, a necessity of every business. Saving time, effort and money are the obvious benefits of reporting but increase data reliability and accuracy are also the some more benefit or automating your reports.

4 Great Data Visualisation Tools

Creating reports is the final step in data analysis which often has a decisive impact on broader acceptance of the main conclusions of the analytic work.

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